How long does xanax stay in your system

How long does Xanax stay in your system? This is one of the most popular questions being asked today. If you don’t know, Xanax or Alprazolam is used to treat patients suffering from high anxiety. Anxiety for those who take this medication usually comes in the form of panic attacks or extreme nervousness in mundane situations. People take this by tablet and it is typically prescribed for four times a day. Doctor’s also prescribe this medication for depression, agoraphobic or other disease where anxiety is a key factor. Agoraphobics are afraid to leave their homes and when they do they have a huge amount of anxiety.

Xanax Facts

Taken orally or concentrated as a liquid.

Prescribed for patients with severe anxiety.

Others suffering from premenstrual issues are also prescribed this medication.

Xanax is the most common anti-anxiety pill on the market.

So you take this because you probably already have an anxiety issue. You know what is wrong and you also are worried about it showing up in a drug test or interacting with other medications. When used regularly which means four times a day for a whole month, Xanax can take up to another thirty days to clear out of your system. If you only use it one time for a plane flight it can take up to seven days.

How long does Xanax stay in your system?

Seven days for a single use.

Thirty days for those who use it regularly. Anxiety comes in many debilitating forms. Those who suffer from it can have the feeling of losing control of their own body. It has literally been described by sufferers as an out of body experience. When that happens the utter loss of control or the feeling of it is what causes the pain attack to enter stage doom. This means, that the sufferer will black out, hyperventilate, cause them to enter into a catatonic sate or do something irrational. The mind can play tricks on the person suffering from anxiety. Agoraphobics, have an intense fear of public spaces. However, they still need to get to the grocery store. Everyone has to eat, and Xanax can help make that happen for them. The most common type of single dose Xanax user is the person who takes it to fly in an airplane.

Anxiety Signs and Symptoms

Trouble breathing.

Hyperventilating or causing oneself to black out.

Irrational fear that causes irrational actions.




A feeling like they are no longer in control of their own bodies. These symptoms are all typical of those who need and use this drug. The sad thing about this is the use of prescription drugs has been abused. So, many times a person who has been found to have Xanax in their urine may be questioned whether or not they have a prescription for the drug. Many cases exist where the person has taken one from a friend for a momentary stressful situation. Guess what, if you take one and then take a drug test before the seven days are over you are fired. Well, fired if you do not have a prescription for your own Xanax. In that case the only way to preserve a job is to run to the doctor. It has been tried everything you can imagine has been done. Xanax is a commonly abused drug. Prescription drug abuse has received more attention in the past decade than illegal drug use. Dealers who used to deal out heroin, cocaine and other drugs are now selling painkillers and tranquilizers on the street. It has been happening for a while, but with the recent pinpoint of white collar professionals who have been known to indulge in this kind of drug abuse, officials are trying to crack down.

Remember, if you have to take a drug test for work or another reason ensure that you have not had any Xanax for at least seven days for single use or thirty days for a full time, four time daily user. Xanax has a peak concentration release in the blood. There are two kinds of this drug and each one lasts differently in the system. The drug enables people to live stress free lives, something most people attempt holistically on a daily basis. If you are abusing without a prescription seek medical help immediately.

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