Klonopin 2mg

Klonopin has been known since it’s advent to help treat many individuals that regularly suffer from panic or anxiety like disorders. The pills normally come in 0.5 milligram capsules but 1mg as well as 2mg Klonopin have been regularly prescribed for more acute patients. Also, higher strengths and concentrations may be given in hospital settings for immediate relief.

Is The Drug Dangerous?

This is difficult to say, in that some people develop unwanted issues, both psychologically and physically, whereas others report no problems whatsoever. In most cases, more mild, complications may occur, such as sleepiness, lethargic tendencies, mood swings etc. A doctor, or your Klonopin pharmacy will likely keep you informed as to what you should expect to feel.

When they become more extreme, it may be evidence of an allergy to an inactive ingredient, or clonazepam or even benzodiazepines as a whole. Keeping your physician up to speed with your involvement in legal narcotics is an important aspect in any recovery process.


One other danger is that the more you take, the higher your tolerance becomes, which may entail you to up your Klonopin dosage. For instance, a patient taking 3 1 milligram tablets a day for 3 weeks, informs a specialist that he or she is beginning to revert back to old habits of exaggerated fear. That person may then recommend an increase to 2mg Klonopin. Also, you may be supplied with a pill cutter to take less as needed. This happens to also save you money since it is cheaper to buy stronger medicine when it all adds up.

The same scenario, except reversed is applied towards someone trying to discontinue their drug use. The uptake of these pills are generally meant for just a few months, so the individual taking them learns how to keep their symptoms at bay on their own.

2mg Klonopin Interactions

Some benzodiazepines may impact your health negatively if you have:

Certain organ issues

Consume alcohol and tobacco

Are pregnant or recently gave birth

Suicidal thoughts, or a family history of suicide or self-harm

Are on other over the counter or other prescription drugs or even dietary supplements or vitamins

Unusual Contraindications

However, it is up to a clinician at the end of the day to decide what works right for you. Many professionals in medical research facilities have learned that grapefruit may not work well with brand or generic Klonopin.

What they have uncovered is that some enzymes in the digestive tract that are responsible for the dissolution of many medications are stimulated by grapefruit juice, which in turn allows for more of the narcotic molecules to be sent through the circulatory system. Unsafe dosages, as well as taking more than your therapist provides is very dangerous and may lead to risky aggravation. As mentioned numerous times, staying up to date with visits, phone conversations, emails with a professional leads to more success rates, as does having regular therapy and behavioral modification sessions.

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