What Is Clonazepam

If you have been treated because of anxiety disorder, depression, or similar disorder problems, you will know about clonazepam. The clonazepam is popular with its brand name, Klonopin. If you ask what clonazepam is, then the answer is that the clonazepam is a kind of drug to treat anxiety disorder. The clonazepam is in the benzodiazepine family along with xanax, valium, Ativan, Dalmane and many others. The clonazepam works on the brain by affecting the GABA (gamma – amibobutyric acid) in the brain. Clonazepam affects the chemical used by the nerve cells in the brain to communicate to each other. It reduces the level of GABA to reduce excessive activity in the brain.

Experts claim that excessive activity in the brain can cause a kind of anxiety and/or other personality disorders. The clonazepam is available in tablets of 0.5mg, 1.0mg, and 2mg. To store clonazepam, it should be placed at room temperature. It is not recommended to store the clonazepam in the refrigerator or under direct sunlight. The clonazepam is usually prescribed for a short use. It is used to relief the anxiety symptoms. It can be used for a couple of weeks but it is dangerous if used more than 9 weeks.

Doctor usually prescribes the clonazepam in three divided doses with 0.5mg per dosage. The doctor may increase and reduce the dosage based on the patients’ condition with maximum 20mg dosage per day. When taking clonazepam, it is important to stop taking other drugs and alcohol. Other drugs for example narcotics or other prescribed drug due to previous medication. When combining clonazepam with other drug, it will create dangerous situation in which you life may be endangered by the side effects of the clonazepam overdose.

The clonazepam is a family of benzodiazepines and therefore, it has effect like other drug in the family. It makes the brain works slower and as the result, the patients that have been treated with clonazepam will feel extreme sleepiness. They will feel very hard to stay awake. Furthermore, because the brain works slower, most patients with clonazepam treatment will feel extreme exhaustion and muscle weakness. They are like losing power and at the end they are fainting. Because clonazepam is only for a short-term medication, then the effect of clonazepam will be vanished soon.

To take clonazepam for medication, it is important to tell your doctor about your real condition. As said before, it is dangerous to take clonazepam with other drugs. The clonazepam is also dangerous for pregnant women. According to experts, the clonazepam can cause dangers to the pregnancy. It can cause death and defect when the baby is born. It is better to avoid clonazepam during pregnancy. The clonazepam can also cause disorientation and headache. People that are driving should not take clonazepam there are many other clonazepam effects that should be considered.

However, when clonazepam is really needed due to a medication, then the patients should be under a doctor’s assistance. The doctor should check the condition of the patient with clonazepam treatment every day. The patients should obey all doctor’s suggestion and orders. Patients can’t stop or prolong the use of clonazepam without noticing the doctor. If the patients feel some disturbing side effects, they should contact the doctor immediately. The doctor will give immediate medical treatment or advice based on the description of situation you give.

Because clonazepam is a family of benzodiazepines, it can cause bad effect for people with health problems such as kidney and liver. Before you use clonazepam, tell your doctor all diseases you have, especially, if you have liver disease. People with kidney problems and also glaucoma should also avoid clonazepam. The clonazepam is also dangerous for people with breathing problems, depression, and addiction to alcohol also drug. The clonazepam is available in prescription only but lately, the generic type of clonazepam is also available on the market.

The clonazepam is sensitive to humidity and wet. It can dissolve quickly in the water. Therefore, to take clonazepam, you don’t need to chew it. You only need to take it carefully from the blister with dry and then place it in your mouth. Let it dissolves slowly on your tongue and then you can use a glass of water to swallow it. The clonazepam is also available in injection type. If a patient is having clonazepam overdose, he or she should be immediately get medical treatment. The effect of clonazepam can be reduced by the giving of Flumazenil. It is a counter attack pill for clonazepam. Pumping the stomach out is also a good help because it will waste the remaining clonazepam in the stomach.

During the clonazepam overdose medication, the patient will be fully monitored to gain the best outcomes. After knowing the fact about clonazepam, it is important to keep in your mind, that clonazepam is dangerous without doctor’s assistance. To know more about the clonazepam, many articles on the internet will help you to understand all things about clonazepam and its side effect. If you are experiencing a disorder and you need to be treated with clonazepam, ask your doctor is there is any alternative for the clonazepam. It is better to replace the clonazepam medication with the safer one. However, if there is no alternative medication to clonazepam medication, then the patient should take the clonazepam exactly as instructed by the doctor or else, it will endanger the patients’ life.

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